Olga Martinez, one of the best makeup & hair artist provides the best service anywhere in the world.  Passport ready to travel and never late:

Head piece and veil | Eye Lashes | Make-up Primer  | Loose Powder for touch-ups | In room service Hair & Make-up | The wedding day! | Reception!

Engagement session | Hair Extensions | Bridal Party | Birthdays | Fashion | Proms | Seminars | Classes | Special Events | Conventions | Commercials | Movies | Productions | Highly professional 


T h e   b e s t   d a y   o f   y o u r   l i f e ,   d e s e r v e s   t h e   b e s t   m a k e u p   a r t i s t.



  • Starting at $285.00 for makeup and hair for the quinceanera*

  • Starting at $150.00 (per person) for family or friends (makeup and hair)*

  • Trial $150.00 on our studio

  • Trial $175.00 on location (metropolitan area)

  • Add just $199.00 for retouching for before and after the ceremony (for quinceanera). This way can we ensure that you are going to be beautiful at all times and your photos too*


English and Spanish speaking team available.